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I'm Kirk, and after more than 10 years in the wedding industry, sometimes I still cry at weddings. 

I feel blessed to play a role in such an important occasion. My goal is to create a film that captures the way you felt the day of your wedding. The mood that was in the air, the joining of two families. I love visually telling the story of your day, with my own flair, building to the moment you've long awaited. 


I appreciate the importance of a "moment", versus a pose. While poses can be great (and I'll often capture some of your formal photoshoot/portraits), for me, the spontaneous, organic, genuine, and unforced real moments are the most moving in film. I love to catch couples and their closest loved ones being themselves. People feel more free to be themselves, when you're not in their face with a camera, go figure! For this reason, I try to be an unobtrusive "fly on the wall" as much as possible. 


My color grading process leans toward classic, natural, true to life colors, rather than dark or "moody". I like to be transparent about this, as there will always be a trendy way of color-grading and editing, but I want your wedding film to stand the test of time. 


Every industry has it's "salesy" buzzwords. Timeless is certainly one in the wedding videography world.

For me, it means that my focus is creating a film that helps you relive the day when all of your most cherished people were together, without trendy effects. For your daughter seeing mommy dressed like a princess in 7 years, or to hear your grandmother's voice saying grace again, or to see your father walking you down the aisle, or your mother crying during your ceremony. 


These once-in-a-lifetime moments don't require flashy effects. The current special-fx and trendy 'transitions' will all look cheesy and outdated in 10 years. My goal is to tell the story of your day, for generations to share in. 


I started my journey, majoring in Broadcast Media Communications, focused in Radio and TV Production right here in Syracuse. Following college, I went in the direction of audio, owning a recording studio, a sound design company, and joining the wedding industry over 12 years ago with a business focused on DJ, Photo-Booth & Lightscaping services (Select Receptions). In recent years, my personal focus has shifted more to videography. With past experience with editing and photography, it was a natural trajectory. 

I look forward to being a member of your team of wedding professionals. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Steve and Brittney's Skyline Lodge wedding video, Fabius, NY

"We are so happy that Kirk was available for my sons wedding! He was very professional and great to work with . He did a beautiful job capturing the special moments for my son a daughter-in-laws special day !  Thanks so much Kirk!"

-Angela G.

Celebrated at Skyline Lodge 

Fabius, NY

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