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About "Raw" Footage...

Who knows what great shots may have been captured that didn't make the Highlight Film?! Maybe a loved one tearing up the dance-floor! The FOMO is real.

The extra clips that didn't make it into the Highlight Film are fun to watch, and offer a behind-the-scenes peek at things you may have forgotten. We can totally understand your desire to have this, I'd want it too!! However, "raw" footage isn't what you want.

Most videographers and professional Filmmakers, shoot in a Log camera profile. This is a setting that allows for a wider dynamic range and tonal range when shooting video. This allows for much more flexibility when applying color and style choices during post-production.

Log profiles are designed to preserve more information in highlights and shadows, resulting in a desaturated and low contrast look. This gives us a somewhat blank canvas to color-grade footage in post-production to achieve a specific mood or direction. We don't go overboard with it, but this can make a big difference in less than ideal lighting conditions, or even brightening a cloudy day.

Since we shoot in a Log camera profile that requires color grading, we don't offer "raw" footage, as you wouldn't be able to view it correctly, and it would look extremely desaturated and drab. Instead, with some packages, we offer "Outtakes". Outtakes are selected clips compiled from throughout the entire day that didn't make the Highlight Film. It's very similar to raw footage, but better, as it will be color graded and lightly edited to remove things like- several boring minutes of a camera aimed at the ground recording grass, while we set-up a tripod, for instance. :-)

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions out Outtakes!

Best, Kirk R.

Syracuse, NY


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