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Welcome to Syracuse Multimedia! 

1/3/2024: We're building an affordable, creative production house for small businesses in CNY!

Whatever your Audio/Video needs, we have the tools and experience to execute your vision! 

As we build-out our portfolio, over the coming months we'll be offering several services at a reduced rate, including: 

  • On-Site Videography Coverage 

  • Commercial & Marketing Production for Social Media; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google etc. 

  • Real Estate Videography 

  • Testimonial Videos

  • Aerial Drone Photo/Video

  • Fundraising/Non-Profit PSAs

  • Graphic Design for Web and Print

  • More! 


Whether you're a extending Social Media reach, to a Corporate training film, to a remote broadcast delivered to an audience of thousands... Our award winning creative team can help with planning, preparation and production, to remove the stress of how it will all come together, We've got it covered. 

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